If you are looking for a symbol of beauty and wonders, the green lotus blossoms are some of the best and appealing flowers that can be used as tattoo designs. The blue lotus flower symbolizes balance and harmony and can be used to depict peace, appreciate, wisdom and happiness. They are flowers which were used for ages and have continued to be a popular choice for any wide range of people including Chinese language, Japanese and Thai people.

The green lotus flower originates from the seaside flower back garden of Asia. The lotus flower grows by the bucket load in this region as it https://bluelotustreasures.com is a very popular traveler destination. The blue lotus flower starts out to be a small green lily although grows much larger as it grows. The shape from the flower is like that of a lotus leaf with huge white problematic veins running through its body from the base of the flower all the way up to the tips. The blue lotus flower blooms in the spring so that the seasons difference in the fall the color with the flower will change to that of the lovely yellow color.

The green lotus flower may be used like a restorative healing flower throughout history. In China it is used as a substitute treatment for ailments including high blood pressure, exhaustion and even head aches and flatulence. It is assumed by many that blue lotus flower was created by a powerful fairy or lily spirit who may have been the source of enlightenment with respect to the Juggernaut and his theories.