The BMW R1200 Rtis a well-known motorcycle that is suitable for tarmac (asphalt) routes. It behaves excellent both on dual carrigeways road sections.
The consumption of petrol in such a motorcycle does not exceed 4.5 liters / 100 km, which allows long-distance travel without excessive expense.
At the same time, it  is also a lightweight motorcycle making it perfect for twisty curves and mountain spin routes.
The height of the motorcycle is one that makes it comfortable to use by both men and women, being as comfortable as handling in tight spaces.

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Routes Type

Tarmac (asphalt) routes

1-3 Day Rental price

110 Euro/Day

4-7 Day Rental price

80 Day

7-14 days Rental price

60 Euro/Day


A deposit will be retaind and will be refunded at the return. A detailed description for the deposit charges you will find it in our ''Rental terms and condition''