This type of route usually links Trasylvania’s major cities, but at the same time they are preserved with small localities.
It is known that in Trasylvania there are only about 200 km of highway, and the movement and transport of goods takes place on these routes.
This type of route is easy to find on google maps or any other maps, but due to the atypical traffic we recommend traveling with a guide.
An advantage in this sense would be the fact that the user can also point to the known or less known attractions in the area.
Get quotation and dates available

Tour type

Guided, or discover you own.

Routes type

100% tarmac

Motorcycle type

You can use your own motorcycle. If not, we will be happy to offer you a motorcycle from our fleet


Not included but can be arranged for extra price


Not included


If you will decide to do this kind of tours without a guide, we will provide you a map with all the POI, accommodation, places to eat

Duration and timeframe

1) 1-3 days tours; 2) 3-7 days tour; Starting next day after your landing. With a previous reservation it can be arranged a custom tour.

Price and fares

Starting from 30 Eur per day per guided tours.