Access to the wildest areas of Transylvania is often done on unpaved roads with gravel, besides the beauty of the countryside that accompanies the road, the motorcyclist likes to practice his biker skills.
These gravel roads are totally free of heavy and industrial traffic, where the way of life and transport is taken over by horse drawn carts.
But let’s not reveal everything from now on and keep the beautiful surprises for the moment when you are going to drive the bike on such roads.
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Tour type

Guided by english speaker guide

Routes type

75% gravel section , 25% tarmac for necessary connection between routes

Motorcycle type

You can use your own motorcycle. If not, we will be happy to offer you a motorcycle from our fleet


Not included but can be arranged for extra price


Not included

Duration and timeframe

1) 1-3 days tours; 2) 3-7 days tour; Starting next day after your landing. With a previous reservation it can be arranged a custom tour.

Price and fares

Starting from 50 eur per day