It is well-known that when you have a limited number of days of vacation and want to explore areas away from your home, the first inconvenience that appears is the time you lose to get to the area you’re exploring.
We were also in this situation and realized that instead of losing precious days on the road it would have been welcome to ship motorcycles ahead of us and we would be looking for a quick alternative of transportation.
This way to send the bike to the desired area is much more advantageous.
We at Mototransylvania are trying to support those who want such a service.
We have strandard routes available where the motorcycle transportation car can have stopping points, loading or unloading motorcycles.
It’s like we use a Moto Train with boarding and descent stations.
Standard routes can be modified depending on the requests that can occur along the way.

It is also possible to collect or deliver the motorcycle at an address you specify.
Get quotation and dates available