In a fantastic scenery full of little walks, with a guide or without a guide, you can have a fabulous off-road adventure in Transylvania

Here you will find a selection of routes that will surely satisfy your taste of adventure and adrenaline. Our guides are eager to reveal the secrets of the last wild zone in Europe.
With a rented motorcycle or your own motorcycle, Trasilvania awaits you!
Get quotation and dates available

Tour type


Routes type

75% Offroad, 25% Tarmac or gravel for routes connection

Motorcycle type

You can use your own motorcycle. If not, we will be happy to offer you a motorcycle from our fleet


Yes (included)


2 meals per day (included)

Duration and timeframe

1) 1-3 days tours; 2) 3-7 days tour; Starting next day after your landing. With a previous reservation it can be arranged a custom tour.

Price and fares

Starting from 150 eur per day