You can drive your motorcycle through Transylvania and smell the flowers in the field at the same time.

You will not always be willing to put a lot of effort into your motorcycle trips, but you do not want to lose the wilderness and the beauty of the places.

Relax, we will take care that you have everything that is most beautiful.

Even if you are going on a guided tour or just renting a motorcycle from us, we will provide you with a map of hundreds of kilometers of asphalt road that crosses Transylvania through rural areas.

But at the same time, we remind you that on these roads you are riding at a much lower speed. On a ride llike that, important is what you meet on the road, not how fast you get to the destination
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Tour type


Routes type

100% tarmac

Motorcycle type

You can use your own motorcycle. If not, we will be happy to offer you a motorcycle from our fleet


Not included but can be arranged for extra price


Not included

Duration and timeframe

1) 1-3 days tours; 2) 3-7 days tour; Starting next day after your landing. With a previous reservation it can be arranged a custom tour.

Price and fares

Starting from 30 per day