Always when you want to discover more special things in a certain place, it’s good to ask locals.

It goes without saying that Trasylvania also has its places that are left harder to break out and are mostly known by locals.

With a little known and little mapped network of roads, it is understandable that the role of a local guide is very important.
That’s why we offer a guided tour of the tour that includes only paved and easy-to-reach roads, but last but not least, these roads lead you to little-known places that we can hardly wait to find.

This type of tour can be customized according to your time and demands.

We provide you with a wide range of possibilities to do this tour.

The tour can only be partially guided or can be done in less time.
For any changes please contact us.

Get quotation and dates available

Riding time:
Minim 4 riders up to 10 riders
Not included
An estimative price for accommodation is will be 30-50 Eur/night and it will be paid at the property.
Not included
Motorcycle guide, English speaker
Price / rider
70 Euro
Minim 4 riders up to 8 riders
Difficulty for this tour