Day 1: Meeting

We meet, we go to the guest house and after settling down we go out in a local pub to know each other and for a short presentation of the next day.

Day 2: Moderate off-road day 190 km – 100 off road, difficulty level 3/5

Departure: Cluj Napoca

Arrival: Sebes

Highlights : Apuseni National Park

Day 3: Moderate off-road day – 180 km: 100 km off road/ difficulty level 3-4/5

Departure: Sebes

Arrival: Cartisoara

Highlights: Parang Mountains, TransalpinaPass

Day 4: Moderate off-road day – 185 km: 110 km off-road/ difficulty level 3-4/5

Departure: Cartisoara

Arrival: Cimpulung Muscel

Highlights: Fagaras National Park, Transfagarasan Pass

Day 5: moderate off-road day – 170 km: 100 km off-road / difficulty level 3-4/5

Departure: Cimpulung Muscel

Arrival: Vidraru Dam

Highlights: Fagaras Mountains National Park, Vidraru Lake

Day 6: moderate off-road day – 190 km: 120 km off-road /difficulty level 3-4/5

Departure: Vidraru Lake

Arrival:Oasa Lake

Highlights: Parang Mountains, Transalpina Pass

Day 7: moderate off-road day – 170km: 120 km off-road /difficulty level 3/5

Departure: Oasa Lake

Arrival: Mogos

Highlights: Sureanu Mountains, Apuseni National Park

Day 8: moderate off-road day – 150km: 120 km off-road /difficulty level 3/5

Departure: Mogos

Arrival: Cluj Napoca

Highlights: Apuseni National Park, Beautifull Pubs from Cluj

Day 9: departure from clun Napoca- see you next year 

Note: Because all of the off-road routes from this program are altitude routes, they are not maintained by the authorities and there is a risk to become impracticable because of the natural factors influence: heavy rains, fallen trees, land slips etc. In this case, our route will undergo some changes.

Lunch time: because we will be in remote areas we will have every day picnik or sandwiches

If you like a resting day or to add more off road days to this tour ask for a offer.

Get quotation and dates available

Riding time
Minim 4 riders up to 10 riders
The tour will take place with minimum 4 riders and up to 10 Riders
8 accommodation nights in 3-4 stars guesthouses in a shared room
8 breakfasts and 6 picnik/sandwiches
Motorcycle guide, English speaker
Assistance car for luggage
(it will reach to the accommodation places only)
Photographs and movies from our tour
980 euro/pers
Single supplement
300 euro
Other meals or snacks
Not included
Health insurance
Not included
We do not provide health insurance but, a health insurance with the mentioning that you will practice a enduro activity is advised.
Plane ticket
Plane ticket can be included only at your writen request on our contact email
Difficulty for this tour