This type of tour usually links Trasylvania’s major cities.

It is known that in Trasylvania there are only about 200 km of highway, and the movement and transport of goods takes place mainly on nationals roads.
This type of tour is easy to find on google maps or any other maps, but due to the atypical traffic we will make available your exact printed  maps that will take you on landscapes with breathtaking  places. These trails will bypass the roads where commercial road traffic is taking place.
In the same maps, we will point out the places of traditional interes places, but also some surprises that are less well known.
You will also have suggestions for accommodation and dining.
Even if you have chosen to travel on a self  guided tour, we will provide you with all the necessary information.


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Check motorcycle rental price on ''Rental'' tab
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If you want, we can offer solutions for your equipment. Helmet, jacket, gloves, etc. Please let us know your sizes in advance